English is the common language of international business, tourism and the internet.

Catalan-to-English and Spanish-to-English translation is vital for many companies but, unfortunately, non-native speakers of English almost always make mistakes. So do on-line applications like Google Translate.

Mistakes can lead to missed opportunities and lost clients.

As a professional writer I can eliminate ‘Spanglish’ and make your English communications correct, clear and easy to understand.

Sometimes a direct translation is required. At other times a market-specific adaptation is required, to match the tone and style of the target audience.

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I work with a number of leading international translation agencies to provide English-language materials for their key clients. Get in touch for an introduction if you require translations and marketing in additional languages.

“Steve commands language, both in English and in Spanish, but he can also accurately capture the nuances of Catalan, making him very versatile. His work goes beyond translation and adds the benefit of creativity of expression. He is pleasant to deal with, flexible and reliable.” – Rosa Franch, Founding Partner m+f=! (Retail Innovation Consultants)