Googling for growth

I’m a freelance copywriter, not Barcelona’s leading expert on SEO. If you need advice on making your site Google-friendly, you should probably check out what Google themselves say they’re looking for. Even better, contract the services of a reputable search specialist who is familiar with latest SEO best practices.

So what’s the point of this page?

SEO copywriting still matters.

Most businesses want to see their websites ranked highly but the algorithms that Google uses change all the time.

As search engine sophistication increases, so does the need for unique content from a professional writer. Your website will be much more Google-friendly if it’s written for humans to read rather than for computer programs to index.

But as a copywriter I can still provide SEO copywriting services to help people find your content in English. Creative headline selection and intelligent placement of keywords can move your site up the ranks. I can make the most of metas without making your web pages less interesting or harder to understand. That means content that both Google AND your clients will rank highly.

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