“Steve’s work as freelance Content Manager was excellent. He was reliable, diligent and always responded positively to new challenges. His creative input was invaluable and his copy and content writing was consistently of an extremely high standard. He would be a valuable addition to any team and I can strongly recommend him.” – J.M. Ros, General Manager, BcnIN

In business, the hardest thing to earn is trust.  By sharing content that entertains, educates or engages potential clients you can begin to build a relationship with them.

This is known as content marketing  and it can show people that you’ve got something interesting to offer. By providing regular, valued information you can increase your credibility with a potentially global audience of captivated readers.

Don’t think of it as giving your knowledge away, think of it as a chance to show the world what you know.

If you present your content in an engaging manner, you can use it to address objections, share positive news and highlight the benefits of your product or service.

But if you present something that bores your audience, confuses them or makes them think that it’s advertising, you could lose them as potential clients forever.

The key to good content is good writing.

By using my content marketing services as a freelance copywriter you can make sure that your expertise isn’t let down by your language use.

I can write or edit your blog and your newsletters to make sure that your message is presented in a clear and compelling way. No fluff, no filler, no foul-ups — just content that clients will want to read. And no Spanglish either — your content will be in natural, native English.

Content marketing that reflects your company’s values can be a gateway to success.

Contact me to see how I can help.

“Steve’s content management work has been excellent. We have had an easy and very productive collaboration. He is an accomplished writer, always meets deadlines, is very well organized and trustworthy. I strongly recommend his work and capacities as a freelance journalist and content manager.” – Javier Coromina, Entrepreneur